Emma BSc(Hons), MNIMH

Medical Herbalist

I’ve always had a fascination with plants and flowers, their varied uniqueness and similarities, and been astounded by their tenacity and ability to survive anywhere. Isn’t it amazing that colours don’t clash when found in nature? Due to this most of my past employment has been in the horticultural sector. In comparison, herbal medicine and the healing power of plants has been a relatively recent discovery for myself.
After having my son, I suffered postnatal depression and my general mental health also suffered. Even now I have bad days, but am lucky enough to have amazing family and friends to help me through the challenging days. I was prescribed antidepressants for my condition which I found overpowering and nauseating. I chose to stop taking them as I didn’t feel that they were solving the problem, but just masking my symptoms. After some time, I felt well enough to go back to work but wanted something to fit around my family life. My husband had already missed out on so much of my son growing up through having to work long hours, and we didn’t want us both to miss out on this. It was then that I decided on a career change, and found the BSc(Hons) Herbal Medicine course at Lincoln. Perfect! This continued my interest in plants, plus built on my existing plant knowledge. This course has inspired me and renewed my self-confidence.

Herbal Medicine has ignited a passion, and along with the other members of the Fenland Natural Health Team, I love to share this enthusiasm and knowledge I have gained on this subject through achieving my degree, with others. I believe that herbal medicine is meant to be shared and used by all. It is so easily accessible, that everyone should be using natural methods to maintain their health. If only I had had the knowledge I have now back when I was at my lowest, I could have restored my health much sooner. However, I am grateful for the journey it has taken me on, and the path it has given me, which I continue to walk.